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  • BCN Rack - Soporte de pared para bicicleta - KaimoK
  • BCN rack- wall mount bike hanger - Kaimok Design
  • BCN Rack - Colgador de bicicleta - KaimoK
  • BCN Rack - Gancho de pared para bicicleta - KaimoK
  • BCN Rack - Soporte de pared para bicicleta - KaimoK
  • BCN Rack - Soporte de pared para bicicleta - KaimoK
  • BCN rack - soporte de paraed para bicicleta - Kaimok Design
  • BCN Rack - Soporte de pared para bicicleta - KaimoK
  • BCN Rack - Soporte de pared para bicicleta - KaimoK
  • BCN-Rack- soporte de pared para bicicleta - Kaimok
  • BCN Rack - Soporte de pared para bicicleta - KaimoK
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BCN- Rack, wall bike rack

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Bike holder

The bike stand, BCN-Rack is the minimalist and contemporary indoor bike storage rack. Your living room, bedroom or office can be the perfect space for it.
The bicycle shelf comes to be practical and make the best interior decoration.

Each wooden bike rack that we manufacture is a unique and artisan piece, hand-made. The wood we use will show different tones and marks, typical of the trees when they grow, which give each bicycle wall hanger its unique and unrepeatable character.

The bike's top tube rests firmly on the felt pads so you don't have to worry about the frame. The shelf or the side invisible hangers are the perfect accessories to store your accessories.

The decorative bike wall mount as a double use, it is a floating wall shelf, when the bicycle is not hanging.

Technical characteristics:

Measurements: 30 x 30 x 3 cm / 11.8 ' x 11.8' x 1.8 '
 Wood: beech natural or walnut, pinewood natural or white 
Tubes: stainless steel
Protector: felt
Maximum load: 20 kg (44 pounds)
Maximum handlebar width: 70 cm


We recommend its installation on solid brick, concrete or similar walls. All the necessary materials are included in the kit, together with the installation manual.

Do you need a wall mount bike rack?

In the last decade, the bicycle has become an essential element of urban mobility for those of us who are committed to sustainability and the environment. Although our work requires us to have a certain style of dress, it does not make us forget the importance of avoiding pollution of the air we breathe.

Everything has changed! Bicycles are no longer the old junk that we salvaged from an attic and tied to public lighting poles while going to work or having coffee with friends. Now we have sophisticated bicycles that make the it transport easier, but that are greed for others, and this means that we have to take care of them and store them well.

Do I really need an apartment bike storage? 

Have a bicycle holder that suits your taste and style It is no longer a utopia. Now we can make our means of transport part of the decoration of our house.

The new supports are no longer those horrible metal hooks that we tried hard to hide. Now they are design and utility elements that provide an elegant appearance to our houses. Moreover you could use it as bike rack for concrete wall.  

Bike wall hanger

To live better we strive at work and in home decoration, and we create more comfortable and attractive spaces.

The new home bike rack has been designed precisely to have the dual function of light and elegant furniture, which can be customized according to the style of decoration of our house, a awesone bike rack for living room. Hanging bike on wall not only for decoration, also to have our urban transport well protected without having to find the bicycle lying on the ground.

For the manufacture of these bike holder, we use top quality materials and we work them so that they adapt perfectly to your style. In this way, when your bike is not at home, the hanger goes unnoticed and becomes, for example, an extra table or a shelf to leave the phone or hang a bag. And when the bicycle is indoors, we give it the appearance of a neat and well-considered element in our home. 


Wooden bike wall mount

A noble material is the main component of our wood bike stand. We choose the best pieces and cut and polish them by hand to bring out all the natural characteristics of each bicycle rack. The soft colors combine very well with almost all decorative styles, and are available in oak, beech, pine, walnut and, for those who enjoy neutral, in white.

The essence of our creations is in a careful selection of materials, the careful and sustainable handling of them and a reasoned and modern design that allows our clients to install useful and elegant bike wall storage in their homes. We believe that practicality does not have to be at odds with aesthetics. We try to recover the essence of design, turning furniture and common objects into works of art that can and should be used. 


Wall hook for hanging bicycle

We have revolutionized the concept of velo wall rack. It is no longer a matter of making a couple of holes in the wall to put an improvised hook or a square and hang our means of transport from this gadget.

Our new concept of bike wall hook, in addition to combining perfectly with the decoration of your house or apartment, it is made with top quality natural materials, and can be used as a side table to put the keys when you get home, hang your bag or the jacket. 

Our creations were born by uniting the concepts of functionality and design, the passion for the bicycle and the art. We want the concept of a bicycle to stop meaning only transport and to become a useful element, where a means of transport can provide an elegant form of decoration, thanks to the bicycle storage rack