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The best way to be different

Kaimok was born from the union of two passions, design and bicycles. Always inspired by the Italian essence, the idea arises from a need, which gradually takes shape. 

Hook in Vietnamese is the meaning of Kaimok. A name that came after several ideas, always looking for a concept that unites functionality and decorative aspect, creating products with the flexibility of dual use. 

The choice of the name, materials, design, graphics and logo all made with the illusion and the desire that the bicycle is not only a means of transport, but also a decorative element.

Thus Kaimok forges its project, producing shelves designed to be also practical and modern interior bike racks, to incorporate the bicycle in the interior design in harmony with everyday spaces.

About us - Kaimok Design

In addition, from its location on the Spanish coast, Kaimok focuses on products that unite outdoor living and indoor comfort, creating spaces for rest, disconnect and relaxation.

These products are a reflection of the company's philosophy based on three main points: quality, tradition and sustainability.

Responding to the growing curiosity about where things come from, how they were made and who made them, Kaimok focuses on the sustainable development of products by marrying modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. We work with people committed to their culture and territorial identity, to the value and beauty of their craft skills, as well as to the design of environmentally sustainable products. In addition, we want people to enjoy the emotional value of items handmade by local artisans with a knowledge passed down from father to son for generations.