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Indoor and outdoor beanbag chair for adults and kids

The ideal beanbag for kids and adults

Depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor pouf, you will see that it has different qualities. The former have softer and more delicate textures, matching the bedding in your bedroom or the rest of the furniture in your living room, while the outdoor pouf has to be resistant to humidity, wind and other inclement weather. But both always have what we like so much: the comfort of simplicity and multiple use and for the whole family.


Indoor pouf

Beanbags were probably born indoors, simply by using a large cushion to lie on and watch TV, read or just relax. The poufs are like that, you can use pouffes for everything, just like a sofa. They save you when you have a large visit and there is not enough room in bed, armchairs, etc. And, being easy to take to any corner of the house, they are a wild card that you will always have on hand to sit and relax in any room. But did you know that poufs can become authentic pieces of decoration in your bedroom?


Pouf for bedroom

Thinking about the soft and relaxing colors that you have in your bedroom, we have included in our furniture collection the pouf seat, elegant pieces that fit in with the rest of the furniture in your bedroom and are key for your comfort and that of your guests.

These bean bags are also ideal for a children's and youth bedroom. When your kids have visitors, they will want their friends to be comfortable, and for these beanbag for kids are much better than, for example, the bed. And of course, it never hurts to have a beanbag lounge in your bedroom, in case your friends stay over.

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Outdoor pouf

Outdoor beanbag chair are already a must for chill-out terraces. You can use them to support your legs, sit or lie on it. As we have more space on the terrace, it is a great idea to have large poufs on which you can both sit and lie down. What is more comfortable than a chat with friends reclining on beanbags?


Both alone and in company, they are a gift for your back. Plus, you can easily move them around, even take them indoors if you need them.


Outdoor beanbags differ from indoor ones because they are more resistant to inclement weather, such as humidity and warmer or colder temperatures. Many are made of nautical fabric, you know, that of ship sails, capable of withstanding storms and winds. These are waterproof so you don't have to constantly worry about rain to store or cover the bean bag. However, if you think that is not enough, there are also covers with which you can cover them, which will also help you keep it clean.


Available in different colors, these beanbag lounger are also a great way to decorate your terrace or garden. They make it a more welcoming and organic place, without clashing with the minimalist decorations. Have you noticed that many modern Ibiza-style terraces have these beanbag furniture? Choose the one that suits you best according to your decoration and style.


Chill-out outdoor pillows are very common on the terraces, since they are large and are also comfortable to sit on, not just lie down. There are also lounger poufs, which have a small backrest, specially designed for reclining. Ideal for those who like to sunbathe on a softer and more comfortable surface than the usual lounger!


Buy beanbags online

Today it is essential to have the possibility of buying beanbags online. It is becoming easier to find what you are looking for online, better than going in person visiting store after store, without being able to compare prices or other material options. At Kaimok we know this, and that is why we offer you the possibility of choosing a pouf for interiors and exteriors with great quality and always in our sustainable and modern line. We also want to make it easy for you. We have the possibility of returns or exchanges if you do not like it. So, think no more, and browse our website until you find the perfect pouf for your space.

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