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Designed shelves for your home interior decoration

Wooden Shelves: The Key to Unique Home Decor

Finding the right combination of functionality, aesthetics and visual appeal, for us, is at the base of the design of a home decoration accessories such as shelves. Finding the perfect wooden shelves has never been an easy task. Not only because wall shelves are usually an essential element for storage and saving space, they must also fit and respect the decorative style of our house.


Straight or curved lines

The popularity of rounded shapes is nothing new. In fact, the trend has been around for some time in the world of furniture. So far, only the corners have been broken, softened and rounded for a more cottony look. This is the essence of our curved wall shelf J that could be used as a curved bookshelves. Its charm and softness make it a perfectly presentable piece of furniture that is very pleasing to the eye.

Furthermore, they can be associated very well with other types of storage
furniture, such as various sideboards or low cabinets, which will complete this wall decoration in an orderly way


estantería modular JfK - Kaimok Design

Modern floating shelves


For a decoration style that likes minimalist elements, nothing better than the floating shelves in natural wood. Modern and elegant, the wood gives it a more organic look and allows these wall shelves to be integrated into both minimalist and traditional design styles. They have that warm and homey feeling that invites you to use them as bookshelves, children's shelves or display stands.

The BCN-Shelf is based on straight lines that excite our eye in search of balance. Shelves that are separated from the wall and, therefore, guarantee the effect of light.

Modular or individual bookshelf

We play with modularity to create floating wall shelves that fit in your place following the idea you have of it. We organize the elements together playing with their size and color to obtain a completely unique shelf. This is also the design concept: to make each one of us participate in the creation process! starting from a basic unit, allowing us to configure it to our particular taste and needs.

You can choose:

- An individual wall shelf that stands out for its originality and its minimalist design, as well as its functionality, as it allows you to store magazines and books or even the bicycle.

- Modular shelf composed of 2, 3 or more elements that can be used individually, grouped or combined with other modules (other colors and sizes).


estantería modular componible - Kaimok Design


The BCN-Modular and the combination of the 2 sizes of the J curved shelves represent the modularity and adaptability that make them perfect for use in any environment: in a hallway, at the entrance of the house, in a room or as a side table.


Wall floating shelves

Wooden wall shelf has a double advantage. On one hand, they allow you to give a touch of design when you decorate your house. On the other hand, they will allow you to have a place to store things at a certain height and out of the way. They are ideal in small places and where there is little space to put your favorite things.

A variation of this type of floating shelves are called corner shelves, which are embedded in the corners and have a similar system to make them "float".

Another variant of wall shelves, is the modular version that provides a set of wall shelf floating, which adapts perfectly to the more varied environments without losing storage and capacity to hang the bicycle and other accessories

Wooden shelves for rooms

Rooms are the place to rest and we can give them a touch of design with wooden shelves. We can play much more with the decoration, using the shelves for the elements of the sleeping rooms, such as lamps, alarm clock, books, etc.

If we have a free space on the wall, we can use it to decorate without being overloaded and give your personal and original touch. For example, if we have the wall painted in a dark or neutral color, we can use white wooden shelves of different sizes and heights to create contrast and vice versa.

Wooden bookcase

Regardless of whether or not you have a home office, or whether you read more or less, you will know that everyone has books at home that many times they do not know where to locate and end up placed in any cardboard box or cornered in a bad way . Wooden book shelves will help to order these books and add a touch of design to your home.

For any type of books, a widely used style for a library are floating shelves that will give a touch of decoration while allowing you to show off your books.

Buy wooden shelves

We want to be sure that when you want to buy floating wooden shelves you choose those that be more original and versatile, adapted to your tastes and the style of your home.

The important thing, when choosing a shelf, is that the price of wooden shelves that you have chosen is the one indicated and that the cost is in accordance with the quality you expect. All this regardless of the style you like the most and the area of the house that you want to decorate with wall shelves.

For this reason, we help you to get the floating shelves with the best value for money when offering you any product. If you are going to decide for an article among the wide variety that you can find, you must take into account the following characteristics:

  • Value of the product in all its variants.
  • Quality and durability of the products.
  • Opinions of other users.
  • Product warranty, delivery times.

For this reason Kaimok offers you the best variety of wood floating shelves. Our company has been creating and treating quality decoration elements for your place.

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