Black Friday Deals

For consumers, the most important date in the third quarter of this year is Black Friday. The shop windows and the shop web pages have already begun to announce the arrival of this day with succulent and very attractive discounts and promotions for customers.

In this 2022, Black Friday will coincide with Friday, November 25, although there are many stores that not only offer discounts on the designated Friday but also extend this date over several weeks or even the entire month of November to that customers can buy their favorite products in a relaxed way.

Although not all shops extend this day to a longer period of time, there is no doubt that Friday November 25, buyers will be able to find discounts on a wide variety of different products. In addition, given the proximity of this date with the Christmas holidays, many people will take this opportunity to make Christmas purchases and cross gifts from the list.

Context and history of Black Friday

Black Friday is a tradition that originated in the United States and has been celebrated in this country for decades. It coincides with the day after what Americans call Thanksgiving Day, and it is a huge phenomenon to boost retail sales, which is driven towards the Christmas holidays after the sales on this day.

In 1961, in Philadelphia, some businesses decided to make special offers on their products the day after Thanksgiving. At that time, it was noticed that chaos was taking place in the streets because all the people wanted to go out and buy the products with discounts. It was due to the large number of people on the street and poor traffic, that the personnel in charge of traffic control began to use the expression Black Friday for that day.

Another different story It narrates that the name of this festival comes from the fact that companies, thanks to this day, go from being in the red to being in the black. Whatever the true origin of the name, this day has become a tradition for businesses and consumers.


Our offers for Black Friday 2022


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Discover our products

For Black Friday, we offer our customers a special offer on our bike racks, wooden shelves and beanbag chair. Next, we present the products with promotion on Black Friday so that you know them in detail.

Bike Rack

Bicycle mount

The wall mount bike hangers, BCN-RACK and JfK are a wooden shelf made with a minimalist style that has the objective of storing your bicycle in an interior space. Your living room, your bedroom or your office may be the perfect place for it. The minimalist and floating shelf incorporates two hangers so that we can hang jackets, scarves, bags or some other accessory. The light hangers, on the side, are retractable only when needed, give a touch of elegance with their stainless steel finish.

Design wood shelf


estanter├şa modular de dise├▒o - repisas de madera - Kaimok Design


Our hand-made bookcase,BCN-SHELF o BCN-MODULAR represents an original and innovative idea with a minimalist style. The design provides a set of floating wall shelves that adapts perfectly to the most varied environments with a contemporary and refined taste, without losing storage and capacity to hang the bicycle and other accessories.

Its configurations of 2 or 3 shelves combined with quality materials and finishes give life to an elegant decoration accessories with a modern and functional design.

Indoor and outdoor Pouf

Nuvola is the functional and versatile pouf, a piece with which to complete the decoration of your room. It incorporates a seat and backrest that will give an extra style to your space. It is the best floor cushion to rest, relax and disconnect. Thanks to its simple design, the pouffe fits in with any decorative style. Whether for the bedroom, living room or even the room of the little ones, the Nuvola bean bag will stand out for its variety of tones that you can choose and combine to your taste.



Nuvola Chill Out - outdoor - beanbag - Kaimok

We also have a Nuvola Chill Out the pouf designed for outdoor areas. With this version of the beanbag chair you can enjoy comfort in any space outside the house. It is a perfect item for both children and adults, as it is made with fabrics that are highly resistant to dirt, water and sunlight. In addition, you can easily move the lounge beanbag with its handle and store in it whatever you need, such as mobile, book and sun cream

Business during Black Friday

Although the original consumer festival imported from the United States about six years ago was basically limited to clothing and technology, other sectors soon realized its appeal to consumers and decided to implement it in their businesses belonging to another field as well.

In this occasion, large supermarkets, professional technology stores and fashion chains they will not disappoint users and offer discounts for a few days. But other commercial sectors will also carry out promotions, such as decoration and furniture stores, car manufacturers and dealers, travel agencies, hotels, airlines, bus companies, real estate agencies, beauty centers, schools, financial entities, etc.

Although some resellers start offering discounts up front, others will wait until the last minute to announce their cautious offers. We participate in this festival by offering our customers discounts on our top quality products. Enjoy Black Friday and our articles this November 25!