Reimagine your place, create your space

Pamper yourself with your environment, where you feel yourself, a place to relax, inspirational or simply yours.

  • The bicycle as a decorative element

    Let your bicycle be part of your home, giving a touch of design in harmony with the interior of your place.
    The support BCN-Rack is the minimalist solution for storing and integrating the bicycle into everyday spaces

  • Estante flotante - BCN Shelf - haya - Kaimok

    A new style, a double use

    The BCN-Rack / BCN-Shelf is a dual-use product, which offers design, practicality and efficiency at the same time.

    The simple and contemporary wall mount to store the bicycle indoors.

    The minimalist and floating wooden shelf is ideal in any environment: in a corridor, at the entrance of the house, in a room or as a side table.